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1955 Chrysler hemi water pump repair kit (241)

1955 Chrysler hemi water pump repair kit (241)

1955 Chrysler hemi water pump repair kit (241)   1955 Chrysler hemi water pump repair kit (241)

Weekends and all USA Holidays starting the day before. 1954-56 Chrysler V8 cylinder HEMI.

And after market casting#P140-1& 320. 1 new oem type seal.

1 complete mounting gasket set and backing plate gasket. NOTE/WARNING this kit will not work on some water pumps that have been rebuilt before using oversize parts.

You must take your old pump apart and measure the fan-hub and impeller if it is. Oversize already those 2 parts are no good anymore for reuse. And this kit will not work for you.

The bearing is a new oversize shaft bearing if your pumps old bearing is already oversize than this kit will not work for you. If your shaft is oversize you will have to replace your hub and impeller, there is a master overhaul kit available.

This sale is for a oem type rebuilding kit for most oem water pumps in rebuild-able condition. WARRNING THIS KIT WILL NOT WORK FOR ALL Chrysler WATER PUMPS only the ones listed in this ad. Restrictions apply do to modification, ware, along with many other factors do not assume it will? Please follow instructions in ad to confirm what parts you need for your exact pump and ask questions and make sure your old pump has been taken apart to match the parts to this kit. Or have your old pump rebuilt.

Look in our store or ask for more details. Has been modified we have a lot of other sizes and styles of seals its up to you. To tell use if you need anoth. # 5 must have a assembly press arbor type or hydraulic min 3tons with a pressure gauge to measure how much pressure is being used to move the parts, #6 these parts require a minimum of 15000.

First thing you need to do it's very important you must first take your old water pump apart to find out what seal type was used the last time it was rebuilt. Necessary Step for installation of kit. About machining this type of water pump with a built in seat area made of cast iron. This type of water pump has a built in mating seat area that the seal face seals against.

#1, the seat area must be properly machined supper smooth, flat-level to the bearing area-shaft, it must be able to mate properly to the seal face and to seal out water and must be supper clean, NOTE if it is rough or uneven or UN level in any way it will damage the seal and it will leak. #2, this is also why it very important to have the water at all times super clean and free of any contaminants or rust. #3, looking at the pictures you can see how smooth the seal face and seat face are and need to be. #4, tools, needed for rebuilding, #1, a 3 ton plus arbor or hydraulic type press, #2, special water pump assembly and dis-assembly tools, #3, special water pump parts installation tools, #4, experience in rebuilding this type of water pump, #5, know how in the way of dues and do not of supporting, the pump and what direction to go and not to go, and so on in other words water pump rebuilding experience. #5, the right type of machining bit for cast iron, make sure the bit used in machining the seat is made to be used on mixed cast iron, or it will never come out smooth.

NOTE ALL ORIGINAL PUMPS HAVE A MACHINE SEAT BUILT INTO THE Housing THAT MUST BE MACHINED SMOOTH level and polished TO SEAL AGAINST THE SEAL FACE BEFORE USING A NEW SEAL or it will damage it and it will leak. ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE A MACHINE SHOP DO IT RIGHT so that it will not leak or damage the new seal. WARNING once you use-install-try to install these parts you will own them and owe us the price of the used and now damaged parts no matter what. Note we will legally seek out compensation in California court for recovery of funds.

So please as soon as you receive this kit match and measure all the parts first DO NOT USE them until you are sure they match your old parts and will work for you. All packages require a signature to receive it. You must supply us with a physical address. Along with supplying used-cores, re-build able auto parts with date codes for rebuilding, and the rebuilding service for them too.

Take a look at our feedback to see all the Happy Buyers. Company name(AUTO PARTS REBUILDER). They are 3rd generation re-manufacturing company since the 1950'S. They are a hands on, one on one, parts Re-building service. They only use the highest quality parts and unsurpassed quality labor performed by a Master Re-Builder.

NOTE : They Rebuild All Water and Smog pump Types, Years and Models. You the purchaser will be entered into with Dragon-up. FOR Further Info See Store Pages and Policies. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Car & Truck Parts & Accessories\Engine Cooling Components\Other Engine Cooling Components". The seller is "waterdragonpumps" and is located in this country: US.

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  1. Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  2. Other Part Number: 1279 kit
  3. Warranty: No
  4. Vintage Car Part: Yes

1955 Chrysler hemi water pump repair kit (241)   1955 Chrysler hemi water pump repair kit (241)